STEP 1Select an application

STEP 2Calculate the allowable load of one piece of caster.

Self-weight of set equipmentkg

The maximum loading capacitykg



Allowable load of one piece of caster00(daN)

※It’s only applied to the case when using 4 pieces of casters. If there are more than 4 pieces of caster, please contact us.

About Caster

About the Required Allowable Load

1. Load capacity required for casters

The required load capacity for each wheel is calculated by dividing the weight of the set equipment + the maximum load weight by the number of casters to be used.
Please select a caster that meets the allowance load by multiplying this value by the safety factor according to the operating environment.

Example of calculation for load capacity required for casters (when using 4 pieces of caster)
  • Load capacity
    required for casters(daN)
    Unit conversion:
    1kgf = 9.8N ≒ 10N =1daN

  • =
  • Weight of the Set Equipmentthe Maximum Load Weight

  • ×1.25
  • ※Standard usage conditions: flat floor, within 4km/h for manual towing, going straight ahead, equivalent load distribution, in doors and at room temperature (usage temperature: 10℃~30℃ )
  • ※If more than 4 pieces of caster is used please contact us.
Example of calculation for proper load capacity (when using 4 pieces of caster)

Load capacity = 1pc Load Capacity × 4pcs ×  0.8

◎ Expression of power is daN.
1daN=10N≒1.02kgf (1kgf≒9.8N=0.98daN)

2. Standard of Load to be Applied
  Load capacity
Standard Load 10daN(10.2kgf) Standard Load 20daN(20.4kgf) Standard Load 30daN(30.6kgf)
Total Load 20daN(20.4kgf)      
30daN(30.6kgf) Load to be Applied    
60daN(61.2kgf)   Load to be Applied  
90daN(91.8kgf)     Load to be Applied

※ This table is calculated using 4 pieces of caster.

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